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The 10th China International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo

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Core Tip: Along with People’s life level better and better, Consciousness of drinking watr was raised day by day,High-end drinking water already is necessary to health life.

The 10th China International High-end Drinking WaterIndustry Expo

 “Nice Water China, Appreciate Water”  Contest

Date: 17th-19th, April 2017

Venue:  China (Beijing) International Exhibition Center

The 11th China International High-end Drinking Water Industry & Function Water (Water Dispenser) Shanghai Expo 2017


Date:          Aug 30th---Sep1th , 2017

      Address:      Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (W1 & W2 Hall)


v Expo Welfare: The Ministry of Commerce Offer Subsidy to us.

v Sponsors: China National Health Association Healthy Drinking Water Committee

v Drinking Water Expo: Largest scale, Professional, Authoritative Industry Brand Expo in Asian.

v Expo Space: 20,000 square meter Expo area200 Exhibitors of High-end water BrandAbout 30,000 Audiences will visit Expo.

v Expo Report: CCTV7CCTV4BTV-YouthPhoenix TVHongkong TVFood Commercial Web and so on.


Approver:  Commerce Ministry of the Peoples Republic of China

Sponsors:  China National Health Association Healthy Drinking Water Committee

                  Beijing Kangshui Water Quality Testing Center Co.,Ltd

                  China Medical Treatment Health Care International Communication Sub-health Commission

Organizer:  Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co.,Ltd

       Co-organizer: Guizhou Province Economy & Information Commission

                    China Medicine  Sub-health Commission

                    Beijing Shangshui Wisdom International Public Inquiry Co.,Ltd

                   Beijing Drinking Water Online Information SinceTechnology Development Center


Other Expo Items at the same

2017 Nice Water China ,Appreciate Water Contest.

      2017 High-end Drinking Water Industry Development Forum

      2017 High Quality Water Source Attractive Investment Meeting

 2017 the 6th World Health Industry Meeting.

  2017 the 21th China International Health Industry (Beijing)Expo.

Along with People’s life level better and better, Consciousness of drinking watr was raised day by day,High-end

         drinking water already is necessary to health life. Today, water environment was serously polluted, Food safe

         event was frequently happened, Health drinking water is the sole way to improve life quality. In order to fit in

         demands of drinking water market, Promote healthy development of drinking water market after

         implementing new national standard of water industry,health drinking water market gradually professional,

         International.Depend on attractive investment of high quality water source,Production show, Taste water contest,

         Water industry development forum and so on, China International High-end Drinking Water Expo is the weather

         vane of High-end Drinking Water Market.


         There are more than 20 countries, nearly 300pcs high-end water brand attend Shibowei 9th High-end water expo.

         The 10th High-end Drinking Water Expo will be hold in China (Beijing) International Exhibition Center at

         17th-19th April, 2017,  the area of exhibition hall is 25,000 square meters, estimating about 35.000 professional

         visitors attend Beijing water expo.There are High-end Drinking Water exhibition hall, Function drinking water

         equipment exhibition hall. We will continue to develop our advantage before,and improve our defective side,

         In order to improve our service quality, enhance market publicity, inviting more professional visitors aim at

         Regular purchaser, we will try our best to guarantee you will get biggest profit by our platform of expo.

1. Freely offer online attractive investment platform, that is, the attractive investment website of healthy products.

        2. Freely publish your product information on official Wechat, Microblog and cooperation media.

        3. It is possible to meet professional manufacturer, agent and distributer etc.

        4. It is possible to attend 2017 Nice water China,Appreciate Water Contest.

        5. It is possible to attend Since and Techniology Innovation Recommend Brand  High quality water source 


        6. It is possible to attend New products media release meeting and Water source attractive investment meeting

          and so on  (Please contact orgainzer for details)

        7. It is possible to join in China Nation Health Association Healthy Drinking Water Commission  China

          High-end Drinking Water League.

        8. It is possible to consult water expert, Product checking, Media publicity and other service.

        9. It is possible to attend 2017 the 6th World Health Industry Meeting and become assigned sponsor for World

          Health Industry Meeting.

        10.It is possible to be interviewed by CCTV4CCTV7, Hongkong TV, Xinhua website, Food Business Website

          and other media.


It is truth that good water depend on good water source in drinking water industry. For good water come from different

water source can show its character and advantage, for good tea can use the high quality water, China International

High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo Organizer together with China Nation Health Association Health Drinking

Water Commission, China Food Safety Newspaper. 

Drinking Water & Health Magazine,China Food Safety Honest Brand Commission, High-end Water Alliance Member,

holding this contest together.

“what water you like,what tea you like” -- The 6th ” Nice Water China, Appreciate Water” Contest ”

Setting award:According to character of water product, and advantage of water source,

Setting the following awards item:

Binghun Award:   Awarding the best honour award for glacial mineral water,

                    glacial Spring water.

Minghe Award:    Awarding the best honour award for high quality natural spring water,

                    mineral water, soda water or scarce microelement water, and high

                    technology innovation spring water.

Meihuaxue Award:  Awarding the best honour award for high quality natural spring water, mineral water,

                    soda water or Ancient famous water source, microelement water.

High-end water Expo Award Event


In order to encourage enterprise Since & Technology Innovation, Establishing domestic high-end water brand,

promoting water industry healthy development, China High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo Organizer choose

a batch of manage sincerely, Technology advanced, High quality water compnaies and products, and issue honour

award during expo.


There are the following award of expo:

The Gold award of high-end water expo   

The award of high-quality drinking water

The award of high quality water resource

The award of high-end water Science & Technology Innovation

The award of packing design innovation of high-end water

The award of image showing of best company 2016

Previous Water Brand

International brand

新西兰(New Water),欧泊,PH9净泉,欧露,立体蓝, Kvella

加拿大:枫生,萃仁BLK,北级冰山水,Okinshaw Water, Black Water, Candaian Platinum, Premiere.

         Eska 爱斯卡

日本: 富士山泉,日田天领水,神之乡,百乐,氢龙王,Lourdes,透洁健康,富士樱

澳大利亚Natural, 意大利Sant  Anna 圣安娜,俄罗斯卡拉奇泉,冰岛Iceis冰诗,布莱妮姆宫,保加利亚Rose Drops.

美国Alkazone, Sanwa, KYK, 清娥罗,芬尼湾,圣碧螺涛,冰岛天然泉水,塔斯马尼亚泉水,斐济进口天然矿泉水,



Domestic Brand








The Range of Products


 High-end Packing Drinking Water:

Natural Mineral Water, Glacier Water, Natural Soda Water, Natural weak alkaline water, Natural Mountain Water,

snowmelt,Tea Water, Oxygen treatment water, Plant water , Medical Mineral Water etc.




Function Drinking Water & Drinking Water Equipment:

    Oxygen treatment Water, Alive water machine, Electrolyte water machine, High energy alive water machine,

Soda water machine, Rich hydrogen machine, Calcium ion water machine, Alive oxygen water machine,

Alkaline water machine, Multi-function water cup, Health care water cup etc.


High-end water relevant service:  

Packing machine, Packing container, Packing design, Since & Research organizer. High quality water source

arrtactive investment etc.


Cooperation Media


TV MediaPhoenix TV;Hongkong TV; CCTV7、CCTV4、BTV-Youngth;


Network Media


Sina Microblog、Fashion Web、China Consumption Web、Food Commerce Web、Food Partner Web、


Importation Food web、Food Industry Web、China Nutrition Food Alliance、Food Industry Web、Alibaba Platform、


Taozhan Web、China Soda water Web、Zero Distance Food & Beverage Web,Niuniu Food & Beverage Web,


First Food & Beverage Web、China Food & Beverage Web、China Beverage Web、Mineral Water Trade Web、

Water Web 114 and so on

Print Media

and so on.


Warmly Remind:  If you are High-end drinking water manufacturer, agent, purchaser or hign-end drinking water

industry expert & scholar, The service organization of high-end drinking water, Let us attend the 10th Beijing High-end

Water Expo 2017, work hard for high-end water industry health development.


Committee  Secretariat:

Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co.,Ltd

Room 904, Unit 4, Building 1, Caimanjie, No.69 Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District Beijing, China

Contact: Martin Lee

 Tel: +86-010-85785036 ext 620       Fax: 010-51413308

 Mobile: +86-15010767232           Wechat: +86-150 1076 7232

E-mail: info@sbwexpo.cn             Website: http://en.sbwexpo.com/

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