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The 11th China High-end Bottled Water and Hydrogen Health Exhibition 2017

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Core Tip: The 11th China's high-end water expo (CBW) 2017 is currently China's leading packaging drinking water industry exposition, is an indicator and founder of China's high-end drinking water industry.
The 11th China High-end Bottled Water and Hydrogen Health Exhibition 2017

Exhibition time: November 3-5th ,2017  Venue: Shanghai Word Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (No. 1099 Guozhan Road)

■Introduction of the exhibition:
The 11th China's high-end water expo (CBW) 2017 is currently China's leading packaging drinking water industry exposition, is an indicator and founder of China's high-end drinking water industry. Since 2017 it has successfully held in Shanghai ten years, attracting thousands of domestic and international high-end water brands to attend, the exhibition industry witnessed the high-end water vigorous development , it also accumulated tens of thousands of high-end water quality buyers.

During the previous event, namely (CBW2017), over 280 high-end water brands are gathered. Thousands of premium dealers, agencies and participating experts and visitors witnessed the grand exhibition. Shanghai Morning Post, Shanghai Evening Post, Xinmin Evening News, together with nearly a hundred media such as Xinhua net, Sina, Hexun, Sohu, Tencent, etc. reported the details of the whole “CBW2017”, and the present experts explained the importance of drinking healthy water for human life in details to the widespread citizens and audiences. Many big brands collection together: Spain ALZOLA natural mineral water, Japan SUISOSUN water element, Japan Fuji ses, sheng Lou mineral water, Fiji VAIWAI , Italy SAN BENEDETTO, Thailand ALKA ONE, Spain RIBES, New Zealand ABBIO , Japan Fuji cherry long life water, South Korea, hello * hydrogen ,Japan HEPOCH NOVA co., LTD, Taiwan island sea, Bulgaria NOVA, Canada SHAIR, Germany D love na, dales ford Australia, Germany ICEIS than north mountain glacier water, Spain, Canada, Aqua terra OXYPLUS natural drinking water, Malaysia, Portugal, Austria WILDALP of heathcliff, water, American AZURE, 9 oh2o, ALKAZONE, bottled water of the world, Canada's PREMIERE. O, st ten thousand Henry glacier water;Japan's Mount Fuji, natural mineral water, natural water, Japanese rock sealing water suzuka foothills, Turkey hin, Fuji, favor the hill town of water water deep sea water, South Korea, the east China sea, the Irish ROCWELL natural mineral water, Slovakia's gold medal from water - Lucka, surin card natural mineral water;Spain INSALUS mineral water, Russia chita springs mineral water, Lake Baikal, mineral water, rubbing, mineral water, north Korea Jiang west soda, SWISS SWISS MOUNTAIN, day Benson shuimu MOUNTAIN spring, and domestic including government delegation, nongfu spring, 5100 ,Three brothers water industry, qian shan xiushui, embellish Tian Cui, weakly basic natural mystery springs springs springs, hydrogen power, quantum irrigators, wally, tianhai mountain spring water, coconut palm volcanic rocks, beauty yilin springs of water, water, zhuoma, yue longquan, beidahuang platinum spring water, rich hydrogen source, Obama, eighteen ridge WengTianRan soft water, dragon vein mineral water, mineral water, mountain spring, clean water, ehrsson snow good drinks, remit valley mineral water springs, tiger, jade source day, 48 ° north latitude, wudalianchi five series, nine thousand, German doctors graduated, taishan day spring, snow crane soda, wood SiQuan, and based on mountain spring, stretching over on the cloud, fairy pool, Simon, Fiji cloud, landscape looked at mei, conch's ditch, the infinite low deuterium springs of water, impression Obama, arctic and lingnan, jing spring rain, more ancient pond, among the oasis, qian in the spring, in gutianshan, temperament, in the sp 18, Obama in one hundred, cave village, mountain spring, cloud technology, natural water, Silas dragon Lake Baikal, A drop of bashan, qian shan xiushui, patio spring, pool, blue yet, jiale hydrogen-rich water generation machine, quantum rich hydrogen generator, thoroughly clean water, hydrogen generator, green instrument, beauty hydrogen, water cup, small hydrogen technology, riverside, life of hydrogen pine, ooze heart, three grain content in green, water cup hydrogen Luo Fu calvo, photoelectric, long big star machinery, A group, Long Hong guideposts, springs, south China university of technology , Luying environmental protection, The Silever Fleece, high-quality equipment such as AnDeNuo DE was invited to attend the exhibition.

On the basis of the success in holding the previous nine exhibitions, we will proceed with “The Tenth High-end Bottled Water and Hydrogen Health Exhibition 2017. We warmly welcome the new and regular customers to sign up for the exhibition! Let’s joint our efforts to create an international trade event for China’s high-end bottled water.

■Concurrent Event: “The Summit Forum Healthy Drinking Water Industry”, “China Fine Waters Show”, “International Top Water Tasting Meeting”, “High-end Water Award”, “Healthy Drinking Water Salon” “International Hydrogen Industry Development Summit Forum”

Guider: Chinese miners union professional committee of the natural mineral water
Sponsor: Association of Chinese medicine education
Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Support Unit:Tongren Natural Drinking Water Association
International Good Water Association
World Water Culture Study Association
Beijing Institute for Public Health
Guangdong Bottled Water Industry Association
Guangxi Bottled Water Industry Association
Organizer: Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
(Association of Chinese medicine education and great health working committee )

■Exhibition scope:
■High-end bottled, box-packed, bagged drinking water: Natural mineral water, glacier water, natural mountain spring water, natural soda water, drinking water for baby, deep ocean water, natural weak alkaline water,, hydrogen rich water, selenium rich water, medical mineral water,snowmelt water, oxygen therapy water, tea-brewing water, etc.;
■Electrolyte water machine, high energy activated water machine, hydrogen-rich water machine, calcium ion water machine, ozone water machine, alkaline water machine, small molecules water machine, active water machine, soda water machines, nano electrolytic water machine, nano energy water machine, nano energy cup, multi-function water machine, health-care function activated cup, health-maintenance cup, magnetization kettle and other healthy drinking water equipment.
■Supporting equipment for high-end bottled water: Packaging machinery, filling equipment, bottle cap, bottle embryo, label, package design patent, etc; 

■Means of Liaison
Address:Room 303 ,Building C,No.168 Luoyang Rd, Shanghai
Post code:201104
E-mail:jiangping @tiansheng.com.cn
Contact person:jiangping
Mobile: 17717697289

keywords: water
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