Food Translation Center
What are our advantages?
Diversified team
Significant difference between our team and ordinary translation companies:
Food Translation Center is composed of food professionals and English talents.
Our translation team is composed of talents in English major and food major, both of whom conduct one-to-one translation and proof-reading, so as to guarantee the quality of translation.
Professional translation
Talents in English major ensure an accurate translation, while professionals in food industry guarantee a professional translation; Interpretation out of context and translation out of understanding are completely eradicated. Translators responsible for proof-reading and final check in our company are rich in experimental background, and guarantee a professional translation, which is a fundamental guarantee of 100% renewal of contracts.
Normalized process
Each article is processed in accordance with the following procedures “Reception” →“Translation”→ “Check”→“Final Check”→ “Delivery” →“Customer Feedback”.
The three steps of “translation”, “check” and “final check “are carried out by different professional translators and in each step strict quality control is exercised so as to provide high-quality and high-efficient services to our customers.

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