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2019 China (Shanghai) International Organic Food and Green Food Exhibition

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Core Tip: Consumers are increasingly inclined to purchase green and organic food. The organic green food industry has ushered in new development opportunities.
 2019 China (Shanghai) International Organic Food and Green Food Exhibition

Time: June 4-6, 2019 Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center 

With the economic development and the upgrading of national consumption, people's pursuit of healthy living has been significantly improved. Consumers are increasingly inclined to purchase green and organic food. The organic green food industry has ushered in new development opportunities. The industrial market has great potential and will become The sunrise industry in the process of national development. 

In order to continue and better promote the healthy development of the food industry, the 2019 China (Shanghai) International Organic Food and Green Food Exhibition will be held from June 4th to 6th, 2019 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center! The exhibition is expected to cover an area of 30,000 square meters and will be attended by nearly 600 brand companies and dozens of domestic and international exhibition groups from more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Covers a global range of organic green foods. 

The organizer has a professional operation team and huge data resources. With the recognition and praise inside and outside the industry, the conference will integrate the superior resources more comprehensively, extend the whole industry chain, and be committed to manufacturers, distribution agents, buyers and end customers. Provide a high-quality one-stop exchange trade platform to promote the rapid development of organic food and green food industry.

Target audience group

1.       Electronic food business online shopping, organic green food special supply center, organic green food exhibition and sales center, agents, distributors, channel providers, etc.;

2.       Star-rated hotels, business clubs, organic restaurants, high-end health clubs, hospitals, group companies, western restaurants, major clubs, resorts and other important group buying units;

3.       Large supermarkets such as (Walmart, Carrefour, Wumei, Hualian, Meilianmei, Century Lianhua, Haoduodu, Auchan, CP Lotus, Aoli Fangyuan, Huatang, Yonghui, Jingkelong, Metro, Cathay, Liqun, Huapu , 2688, global product exchange) organic food specialty stores, chain stores and operating counters, gift shops, community chain supermarkets and convenience stores;

4.       Professional purchases by national government agencies, embassies of various countries, enterprises and institutions, foreign enterprise units, buyers in China, import and export trading companies, large domestic enterprises, food production and processing bases, and various industry associations and media cooperation organizations Home and so on.

5.       Higher education institutions, aristocratic schools, private schools, aristocratic kindergartens, etc. 

Publicity and promotion

1.       Data resources: After years of precipitation, the company has established a database of nearly 300,000 high-quality professional buyers. According to the characteristics of the products, regional characteristics and the needs of exhibitors, the database will be accurately positioned, targeted, matching counterparts, agents Business, etc., to expand sales channels for exhibitors. Set up special exhibition areas, hold special conferences for attracting investment and project docking for major projects in the group, set up a buyer conference, and link resources of all parties.

2.       High-end experts and community resources: the government, industry associations, business alliances, economic associations, foreign chambers of commerce, embassies in China, etc. have maintained close ties and cooperation. We provide exhibitors with the following precise services: resource docking, media interviews, procurement docking, e-commerce docking, expert docking, inspection docking, financing docking, source origin assessment listing docking, assessment docking, product positioning consulting, market sales consulting, etc. service.

Scope of Exhibits

1.       National-level organic product certification demonstration county exhibition area, geographical characteristic organic green product exhibition area, large organic farm and ecological agriculture base exhibition area;

2.       Organic vegetables and fruits, organic rice, organic grains, organic and semi-finished products, organic meats, milk, seafood products, organic convenience foods, organic frozen foods, organic children's foods, organic health foods, cooked foods, organic nutrition products, etc.

3.       Organic tea, juice and beverages, organic coffee, organic red wine, beer, wine, fruit wine, white wine, yellow wine, etc., various organic milk powder, dairy products and soy milk products, plant extracts, etc.

4.       Organic cooking oil, olive oil, soy sauce vinegar, monosodium glutamate chicken, onion ginger garlic powder, blending oil, seasoning wine, seasoning series.

5.       Local high-quality specialty agricultural products: domestic and international / national specialty foods and native products, geographical indication products.

6.       Organic green food supporting technology and equipment: food freezing, cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, preservation, processing and packaging technology and equipment.

7.  Food processing packaging and related services: organic food processing, packaging, rice color sorting machine, fresh-keeping equipment, nutrition conditioning machine, current rice milling machine, related service area;


Charge standard

Types of

Standard booth3mX3m

Indoor open space: from 36 m2


USD 4500/

USD 500/


Please feel free to contact us for the latest exhibition information.

Tel: 021-22874022
Contact: Zhou Qiang 18616398336
E-mail: 753393503@qq.com

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