Hemp Protein rich in stock
date:Nov 10, 2017
standard:mian ports of china
brand:T/T D/P
Delivery time:3days
company:xi'an sheerherb company
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name:wang jing(Ms.)
adress:xi'an weiyan district huijin pioneer park caotan six road

【Name of Product】:Hemp Protein
【Latin name】: Cannabis sativa L.
【Plant Origin and Distribution】:The hemp seed is a dry and mature seed of the mulberry plant, and the alias is also called hemp kernel, hemp linen, linen, harvest when the fruit is ripe in the autumn, and remove the impurities. Maomao in northeastern China, north, east, south and other areas are cultivated, hi warm and humid climate, the soil is not strict, deep soil, loose fertile, well-drained sandpaper soil or clay soil
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