Vacuum fryer
date:Aug 07, 2017
Delivery time:15days
company:Guangzhou XuZhong Food Machinery CO.LTD
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name:Dannie Shen(Ms.)
adress: NO.9 Long gang Road Nanling, Longgui Town, Baiyun District, and Guangzhou City, China

The vegetable chip low-temperature vacuum frying machine
The fruit is juicy and sweet most directly eaten raw fruit of plants, not only rich in nutrition and can help digestion. Fruit is a general designation of the fruits and seeds of a plant that can be eaten.

Guangzhou Asahi national sales hotline:
Miss Wen:13660155273;020-23306372
Product Name: zk-1200 Double pot low temperature vacuum frying machine
Detailed descripion:
Product parameters:
Model: ZK-1200
Voltage: 380V
Specifications: 1200

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