US No.1 CALROSE (JAPONICA) SUSHI RICE 22.68KG [stock#20106]
date:May 05, 2017
model:Calrose (Japonica) medium grain white rice
standard:California USA
brand:Prepaid (T/T)
Delivery time:14days
company:New York Mutual Trading Inc.
send:click send
name:Yasu Watanabe(Mr.)
adress:77 Metro Way Secaucus NJ
post code:07094

A) Your order can mix with other rice 1) short grain Koshihikari white rice (40LB, 15LB, 8/4.4LB) 2) short grain Koshihikari brown rice (15LB, 8/4.4LB) 3) Calihikari short grain rice (40LB) 4) Calrose medium grain rice Premium (50LB)
B)If rice needs to be fumigated, need extra 5-7 days
C) Quote can be either EXW, FOB, CIF your port 20ft basis
D) We need to know required doc + label required before receive an order
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