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Business Model: Country:
Company Size: Registered Capital: ~ Million
  • Zhucheng Huihong Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • main business:Chip machine,Potato production line,Frying machine,Fruit and vegetable washing machine,Washing and peeling machine,Bleaching machine,Smoke stove
  • (Manufacturer)  [Unverified]
  • Farmix Company Limited
  • main business:vegetables, yam, potatoes, ginger, salt, plantain and cassava.
  • (Exporter,Distributor)  [Unverified]
  • Ambiance Impex Limited
  • main business:Canned Tuna Flakes, Mackerel, Corned Beef, Corned Mutton, Vermicelli, Frozen Bean, Mixed Vegetables, Peanuts
  • (Manufacturer,Improter ,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
[New Zealand]
  • Mawasem
  • main business:Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (Avocado, Bannana, Citrus, Grapes, Lychee, Mango, Nectarine, Peach, Strawberry, Capsicum, Chilli Pepper, Chinese Cabbage,. Lettuce, Radicchio and Rocolla)
  • (Exporter,Distributor,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
  • Gunung Batu ASA NC Group
  • main business:palm oil,sunflower oil,corn oil,soybean oil,canola oil,rapeseed oil, used and waste vegetable oils,Vegetable fats and Butter
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Shaanxi Jintai Biological Engineering
  • main business:plant extracts,active ingredients monomer, plant powder, natural Fruit& vegetable powde-oriented products,
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Qingdao Blossom Food
  • main business:Frozen fruits and vegetables: frozen strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, kiwi fruit, yellow peach, apricot, spinach ball, green bean, green peas, cauliflower, broccoli, mixed vegetables; Email: frozenfreshfruit@yahoo.com Tel:0086 532 58727300
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter,Distributor)  [Unverified]
  • Qingdao Blossom Food Co.,Ltd
  • main business:Frozen fruit, frozen vegetable, frozen mushroom, frozen snack
  • (Manufacturer,Distributor)  [Unverified]
  • Zhucheng Rundong Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • main business:vacuum packaging machine, poultry slaugtering equipment, fruit vegetable washing machine
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Qingdao Yum Food Co.,Ltd
  • main business:canned fruits|canned vegetables|canned fish|fresh fruits|fresh vegetables|dried fruits|dried vegetables
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Iron Rivers Ltd
  • main business:Chicken Feet, Boneless Beef, Sesame Seeds, Vegetables
  • (Trading Company)  [Unverified]
  • anglian oils ltd
  • main business:Used cooking oil, refined sunflower oil, refined corn oil,waste vegetable oil, refined soybean oil, jatropha oil, refined rapeseed oil and bio-diesel oil
  • (Manufacturer,Distributor,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
[United Kingdom]
  • Naturalin Bio-Resources Co Ltd
  • main business:Plant Extract, Tea Extract, Mushroom Extract, Fruit Extracts, Vegetable Extracts
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Exporter)  [verified]
  • main business:Vegetable cooking oil, cooking oil, palm oil, palm olein, rbd palm olein, refined oil,rice
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
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