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Business Model: Country:
Company Size: Registered Capital: ~ Million
  • Thomas Foods USA
  • main business:Beef and lamb premium quality products.
  • (Manufacturer,Retailer,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
[United States]
  • Dongguan Hongxing Foods Co., Ltd.
  • main business:bread Crumbs, Salad Dressing, Canned Beans, Tomato Sauce, Marinade Powder, Japanese Sauce...
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • main business:indian mackerel, squid, cuttle fish, ribbon fish, octopus, topshell, razor clam, threadfin bream
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
[United Arab Emirates]
  • alphafoods intl
  • main business:bean products,vegetables,spices
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter,Distributor)  [Unverified]
[United States]
  • Kybalion Seafoods AS
  • main business:Fisheries in the Norwegian economic zone: Saithe Cod Haddock Norwegian Coastal fisheries: Saithe Cod Haddock Mackerel Herring
  • (Trading Company,Exporter,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
  • Maahir Foods
  • main business:Dehydrated Vegetables :- Dehydrated White Onion Products Dehydrated White Onion Flakes Dehydrated White Onion Kibbled Dehydrated White Onion Chopped Dehydrated White Onion Minced Dehydrated White Onion Granules Dehydrated White Onion Powder Dehydrate
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
  • agro best foods ltd
  • main business:A4 copy paper, chicken eggs, dairy products, fats and oils, nuts and kernels
  • (Manufacturer,Agent,Trading Company)  [Unverified]
  • Kingsun Foods Co., Ltd
  • main business:Squid, shrimp, Sea/bay scallops, Alaska Pollock, Salmon, Cod, Saithe, Hoki, Canadian hake, Halibut, Arrowtooth flounder, Mahi Mahi, Tilapia, Mackerels, Sardine, Pacific saury, Salted Cod/Pollock and etc.
  • (Exporter,Improter ,Distributor)  [Unverified]
  • main business:Tomato Paste, peeled tomatoes, tomato puree, passata, pomodoro, canned tomatoes, pizza sauce, olive oil, coffe,
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • main business:frozen vegetable and fruit frozen poultry and meat frozen seafoods frozen aquatic product frozen spring roll and samosa FD and VF product
  • (Manufacturer)  [Unverified]
  • Hero Food Sdn Bhd
  • main business:sunflower oil, canola oil, RBD palm oil, refined UCO, olive oil, crude jatropha oil, corn oil, canned foods, etc
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
  • shawnmikel
  • main business:frozen foods
  • (Manufacturer)  [Unverified]
[United States]
  • J K Fiske AB
  • main business:seadfoods,heineken,fresh onions,fresh bananas,fresh pineapples, garlic,tamarind,red chilli,black pepper,mustard seed, sesame seeds,chickpeas,yellow maize,basmati rice
  • [Unverified]
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