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  • KMP International
  • main business:Cumin Seed,Mustard Seed,Fenugreek Seed,Flax Seed,Carom Seed,
  • (Exporter,Improter ,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
  • Rehoboth Natural Ingredients
  • main business:Lutein, Curcumin, Zeaxanthin, Essential oils, Spice oils, Plant extracts, Oleoresins
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Improter )  [Unverified]
  • Weifang Manna Foods Co.,Ltd
  • main business:red pepper, chili, Chinese prickly ash, star anise, hemp pepper
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
  • main business:Green cardamom,black pepper, tamarind,nutmeg,clove,curry powder,garam masala
  • (Manufacturer,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
  • Abusuppliers ltd
  • main business:red bull soft drink , seahorse, cucuber, cloves
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company)  [Unverified]
  • main business:cumin seed
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Fresh Fruit
  • main business:Fresh Fruit
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Tico Trading
  • main business:black pepper,white pepper,cloves,cardamom,cooking oils
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Creekbay Black Garlic Co:Ltd
  • main business:Black Garlic , Black Garlic Machine ,Organic Black Garlic , Black Garlic Powder black garlic powder
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter,Improter )  [Unverified]
  • Mensah Enterprises Limited
  • main business:Black Pepper,red onion,white onion,white garlic,red garlic,red pepper and ginger
  • (Exporter)  [Unverified]
[South Africa]
  • Tiger Tiger UK
  • main business:Chinese seasoning,Asia flavour
  • [Unverified]
[United Kingdom]
  • Anthopa Foods &Pharma pvt. ltd.
  • main business:foods and pharma products, spices, seasoning products, pharma raw materials, bakery ingredients grain products, kernels products and agro products etc.
  • [Unverified]
  • main business:Exports and Imports of Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Edible Oils, Oil seeds, Oil Meal Extractions, Pulses, Lentils, Spices, Black pepper
  • (Trading Company,Exporter,Improter )  [Unverified]
  • main business:Custard Powder, Baking Powder, Icing Sugar, Corn Flour, Drinking Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Powder, Vanilla Powder, Potato starch, Maize starch, Tapioca Starch,Maltodextrin,.
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Zargol Saffron Agriculture Group
  • main business:Saffron Threads ,| Saffron Pushali, Saffron Powder,Saffron Extract,Saffron Tea , Saffron Liquid
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
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