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  • teavas
  • main business:hoeny , black and green tea, herbals, saffron, dates, pistachio , raisins and nuts
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter,Improter )  [Unverified]
  • Vila co nic company
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • main business:chickpeas,refined sunflower oil, edible oils, HALAL frozen chicken, beans,soybean meal, animal feed, flour,
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Strandja Agro Ltd
  • main business:Cashew, Almond, Raw Hazelnut, Pistachio, Brazil Nut, Blanched Hazelnut, Goji Berry
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
  • Qingdao Dried Fruits Industry Co., Ltd
  • main business:raisins, dried apple rings, dried fruits, walnut in shell, walnut kernal, ginkgo nuts, peanut kernal, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dates, goji berry, canned fruits, canned grape leaves, dehydrated vegetables,
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Distributor)  [Unverified]
  • OrganicCrops
  • main business:Quinoa, Maca, Cacao, Lucuma, Camu Camu, Sacha Inchi, Chia, Golden Berries
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
[United Kingdom]
  • Best Lotus Seed Company
  • main business:lotus seed nuts, lotus root rhizomes, lotus seed core plumule
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter,Wholesaler)  [Unverified]
[Central African Republic]
  • Suzhou Orkney International Trade Co.,Ltd
  • main business:peanut in shell, peanut shelled, peanut butter, peanut kernel,roasted crushed peanut,garlic,onion,carrot,potato,apple,pineapple,pear,etc
  • (Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Asia & Africa General Trading LLC
  • main business:Rice, Sugar, spices, Pulses, Canned food, Beans , animal feed , wheat flour , oil seed, cooking oil , juices, Pasta,
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
[United Arab Emirates]
  • Skoata Co.
  • main business:Dried fruits , Nuts , Raisin , Pistachio , Date ,Saffron
  • (Agent,Trading Company,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • agro best foods ltd
  • main business:A4 copy paper, chicken eggs, dairy products, fats and oils, nuts and kernels
  • (Manufacturer,Agent,Trading Company)  [Unverified]
  • Jay Enterprise
  • main business:Spices, Oilseed, Herbs, Grains & Pulses, Dried Fruits and Nuts
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • Exporter.ru Russia 1987
  • main business:cooking oil,fruits,Nuts,Alcohol drinks and wine and many more
  • (Manufacturer,Retailer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
  • main business:Spices (black pepper , cassia, star aniseed, ginger, tumeric) Rice, Coffee , Cashew nut
  • (Manufacturer,Exporter)  [Unverified]
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